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Plastic clamshells are one-piece packages comprising two halves that are held together by a hinge area allowing the structure to close. is a renowned company offering a wide range of plastic packaging solutions.

Our packaging can be one of the best packaging options for many products. We offer a wide selection of clamshell packaging to suite your needs.

Our clamshells offer maximum visibility while protecting your product. Our plastic clamshells are a popular package choice for foods such as berries, tomatoes, eggs, grapes and much more.

We provide packaging that are widely used in different industries such as food & beverage, fruits & vegetables, and electronics. We offer self-adhesive, and zip-lock plastic clamshell packaging for several distinct carrying and packaging purposes.

Plastic Clamshell Packaging are easy to load, protect the individual product units, and make loading and unloading a very efficient packaging method.

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Our package features a full plastic shell and can include an insert card with graphics, which delivers high-quality design and custom eye-catching. Our clamshells are essentially hinged boxes that can be made realisable or permanently sealed. To know more about the range of packaging solutions, you can visit our official website anytime.